September 2018 - Gelding Godfather

Friday, September 28, 2018

A Fairview Into The Magic Of Greyville
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We often take for granted the simple pleasures in life, time with the family and spending that needed hours with those that are close to you.

We have a bumper day ahead in SA today with both Fairview and Greyville on today. So why not take the family along for a relaxing time at the racecourse.

The night racing at Greyville is definitely something to write home about from the kiddie’s play areas to the delicious food stalls there's always something for everybody.

I proudly spoke about Anton Marcus at Greyville at the last meeting on Wednesday and sure enough, he did start with a bang winning the first two. Khanya Sakayi continues to be the prodigy as he has shown incredible mentally to win on some clear outsiders.

At Fairview, on the other hand, Greg Cheyne remains the best jockey at this track followed closely by Lyle Hewitson who will look to regain his form from last season.

Fairview Tipping

Race 1
3 It's A Girl
9 Dancing In Seattle
17 Countess Cantabria

Race 2
4 Masterful
6 Twice A Poet
3 Oriental Tiger

Race 3
1 Madame Speaker
2 National Park
3 Falcon Rock

Race 4
4 Run To Denmark
5 Finley Hill
7 Guadalupo

Race 5
10 Highland Captain
1 Border Control
6 Seattle Swing

Race 6
1 Princess Rebel
8 Saltire
3 Via Seattle

Race 7
8 Querari Viking
2 Gimme The Stars
7 Chatuchak

Race 8
8 Bell Jar
6 Fools Garden
3 Rocksette

Greyville Night (TGiF) – Tipping

Race 1
8 Leanna
3 Oratorina
6 Cherry Pop

Race 2
6 Dirty Harry
1 Belfry
2 Lucius Fox

Race 3
1 Elusive Diva
2 Josephine Baker
3 Three Ships

Race 4
3 Roman Courtesan
7 Quakeshake
2 Expresso Martini

Race 5
10 Forcefull Rush
2 OReilly
9 Copper Pot

Race 6
2 Hero Quest
8 Stream Ahead
7 Zeal And Zest

Race 7
8 Fieldmarshall Fenix
1 Baahir
9 Sentido

Race 8
1 Above Eleven
5 Dunzie
7 Sarabi

Have a fabulous Friday All. Remember life is about living for the moments that take your breath away.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sunny Sky above Fillies that Fly
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What happens at Greyville stays at Greyville…… Fillies will certainly fly today as we once again prepare for another intriguing race day.

Punters are alive today with the ever-popular sounds of trumpets in the air.

The horses are adorned by their glistening shiny coats as their trainers will once again look to dominate and heighten their stable names in South African horse racing.

The Bosch, Drier and Roberts stables look the most in-form at this track keep them in mind when compiling your bets.

Anton Marcus is still leading the jockey listings as the most successful at this course, the question is how many will he lead across the finishing line today.

Khanya Sakayi latest form is definitely something to note down, this exception jockey is definitely a must watch!










Have an awesome mid-week all and Remember that you may fall in life but there will be days where you will fly!

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

When Skies Are Grey At Greyville.
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Welcome All

South African racing at its best, today we are right back at the iconic Greyville race course for another mouth watering race meeting

A strong fragrance is in the air and although there will be a hint of rain later on that won’t deter us from finding a couple of winning horses today.

Key stats: I bet you all would be interested in the top trainers and jockeys at this course.
Leading the top jockey ratings is none other than Anton Marcus followed closely by S. Veale, Melo  and W. Kennedy

Top Trainers for today are DR Drier, DC Howells and D Kannemeyer.
It is wise to keep them in mind when compiling our betting listings.

This promises to be a glorious Sunday now let’s get on with the betting today

Race 1  Dieci is certainly a top horse in top form. Innocently naughty has top pace and will look at clearing the field early on.
Tips: Deici (4) and Innocently Naughty (1)

Race 2
Tips: Firstnavalofficer(9) and Spring Lighting(1)

Race 3
Tips: Alphamikefoxtrot(2) and Arrow’s Mark(5)

Race 4
Tips: Roys StingRay(1) and Seek the Summit(2)

Race 5
Tips: Verdier(1),Viking Red(6)

Race 6
Tips: Arianos Shadow (2), Shes A Fortress(5)

Race 7
Tips: Afrostar (1) and Cape Infanta(2)

Race 8:
Tips: Silver Raisin (2), Operetta(1)

Enjoy the punting all, Have A restful Sunday and Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Don’t forget to click the follow button on the side and comment below.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Battle Of The Polytrack Fields
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Welcome guys finally night racing has returned to Durban and punters everywhere are looking to make some real good money going into the Heritage Long weekend.

Whilst Heritage Day will be celebrated across South Africa this coming Monday   I believe it’s a time to reflect and be proud of who you are and where you came from and honestly at the end of the day we all here want to share in the wealth of punting for the winner.

The King of Kings race course Greyville which host Africa’s greatest horse racing event every year is the venue for tonight’s captivating race encounter.

Hold on to your seats and to all married men ... please inform the Mrs you will be late tonight because money is about to be made

Let’s get going with some fire hot betting tips for tonight

Race 1:
In the featured start of our meeting we find two must see horses in Twice Over Satin and In Full Bloom. Both these horses are massive runners and a must watch tonight! Key note is that Twice over Satin has been drawn wide tonight.

Race 2:
Don’t Look back has certainly shown improvement since his blinkers were put on, his true test will come tonight right here at the Greyville. Paddingtons Luck will be drawn alongside and is most certainly a dangerous house.

Race 3:
Starlight has the pace tonight to go the distance and is drawn well. Little Bristol looks great and carries good weight.

Race 4:
Second Request and Miss Milanna are superb horses and have battled on and impressed so many.

Race 5:
Fieldmarshal Fenix and Piagent Prince and both very well placed and have really great potential.

Race 6:
Penny Royal makes her trip from the Highveld and is a massive runner . Champenois is a multi time winner and can show up again tonight.

Race 7:
Rocking ruby look in good health and looking to bounce back to winning ways. Gorgeous Guess although drawn wide will look to conquer this race.

Race 8:         
Benfontein looks like my best bet for this race. Watch out for Honest Prince a massive runner .

Top Jockeys at Greyville
A Marcus
W Kennedy
K de Melo
S Veale

Have a Freaking Awesome Friday Guys.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pick A Winner If You Dare
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Once again we return to Scottsville for another intriguing race meeting. I sincerely hope you all got on with my last posting as there were 5 winners found out of an 8 race card. Well, that's all in the past now so let ’s all get ready to pick some winners today.

In particular, on this soft track, I will look no further than pickawinner in race 1 which will be ridden by the insatiable  Musi Yeni. As stated previously Musi Yeni fully deserves his championship jockey status and should be watched closely again today.

Keynote today please watch AForaway with the returning Lyle Hewitson in  R8 I watched this horse earlier in the barrier trials and this horse certainly looked the part and definitely a place chance !!!!🐎🐎

Tips for today guys

Race 1

3 Pickawinner
6 Francisco

Race 2

8 Antigonus
1 Ninjinsky's Son

Race 3

9 Live As One
1 Adorned By Beauty

Race 4

2 Josephine Baker
5 Asiana

Race 5

2 Neptune's Rain
6 Hard To Play

Race 6

1 Val_La_Ree
5 Bonnie Dawn

Race 7

2 High Altar
1 Into The Groove

Race 8

7 Roman Courtesan
1 Mutawaary AUS

Remember guys energy spent on taking time to do the things we love will definitely create positive vibes... Have a wicked Wednesday Guys and remember to click the follow button on the side and comment below😁
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sensational Scottsville Sunday
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Welcome all , its Sunday a time for relaxation and to unwind from a busy work week.

In reality the wealthy would always say that in life there is always time to make more money.

We turn our attention today to the magnificent city of Pietermaritzberg. A city that is packed with the most craziest and kindest people you will ever come across.

We have a fair race card today for our Scottsville meeting , so lets make some money.

Some key points to note today is that both of Paul Lafferty runners have been scratched. Musi Yeni is looking in good nik and not forgetting the ever popular Dennis Drier Stable has come into form in recent time. All these should be noted when placing those bets.

So a delectable pick six in definitely on the cards in what looks like a fascinating days meeting.

Here's my ever popular pics for today....

RACE 1 : Jaunita At 8/1 definitely is my favorite and has what it takes to win today , a definite must watch!

Race 3 : Nothern Route and Edge of the sun look really great today.

Race 4 : My favorite Socrates and JJs Captain look as if there will fight this one out day.

Race 5: A 2 way affair with Myeni aboard Bright Eyed Bushy tail and Rio De La Plata

Race 7 : A strong race which I think will be a battle between Dame Commander and Pumpkin Queen.

Race 8 : Marcus with Caliente which was initially my best bet of the day and Jet Stream with Myeni again about should be a must watch race to the end.

Enjoy guys click the follow button on the side and tell me what you think in the comments below

Cheers!!!! Have a Super Sunday

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Fairview Friday Diaries
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It’s Friday!!!!! A lot of soft banter in the air and why not, the weekend is here!!!!!
We often forget the majesty of horse racing, as a kid I would watch my dad punt and watch him win and lose on occasion.
Every time he watched a race his face would glow and he would turn to me and would tell me he has the winner.
I knew horse racing was his passion and will be mine too. This was his relaxation, his getaway to another world.
A world less complicated and one were the odds might not be in you favour but at least you have a chance.
Speaking about chance let’s find a winner at Fairview Friday Today!!!!!

Race 1
10 Rebel Wilson 11
9 Josie 5
8 Without Limits 4
2 Kanishiwa 14
Race 2
1 Via Seattle 1
5 Zevenastic 7
4 Seattle Flame 2
6 Story Of My Life 4
Race 3
2 Dancing Ruga 1
5 Adalberto 10
1 Samurai Dragon 4
9 Desert Wanderer 3
Race 4
7 Counting Stars 5
5 Alfeo 3
4 Amazon King 6
1 Breakfast Club 7
Race 5
7 Wish To Land 5
6 Querari Viking 6
1 Free Agent 2
3 Prospect Strike 9
Race 6
7 Pick Again 12
1 Border Control 4
6 Wildcat 9
3 League Game 7
Race 7
7 March Music 10
1 Bid Before Sunset 12
11 Tasunke 4
4 Double Black 9
Race 8
12 Silva Key 2
13 Casa De Var 6
14 Across The Lake 9
11 Gotoluvher 3

Good Luck ALL and have a Fabulous Friday J

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Racing Fever at Greyville
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Home Sweet Home

Greyville in my lovely town of Durban. Internationally known as being South Africa’s playground. This is truly the place to be.

I awoke this morning to find that my palms were a bit itchy, only for my dad advising me that this could be a good omen and wealth could be soon be bestowed onto me.
I’m always in the mood to make money and what other places than in Greyville the home of the July as well as the ever popular Gold Cup.

The venues at Greyville is simply amazing and the food that is provided on occasion is simply out of this world.

There’s always the adrenalin of the race fever whenever you enter the venue.
Let’s make some money off today’s race card

Today’s Hot Tips Below




Race 4. (2) FLEEK (1) BARBARA (3) SUCH A RUSH






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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Fillies Spring Into Durbanville Tuesday
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Welcome ladies and Gents

We in for another cape splendour today.

The springtime birds are around and the weather seems breathtakingly beautiful.

I often regard racing as the elegant gentlemen's sport but have noticed that the fairer fillies are getting more involved in the sport and have become thoroughbred punters.

Gone are days of them choosing the lucky horse and calling one over you, now I have noticed some ladies collecting strategic data on the horses to make informative decisions when they place their bets. Well, things have certainly changed...

Well before I get too carried away today lets get into the Durbanville racing card and find us some delectable winners for today

Straight into Race 3, this will certainly be a toss-up between Tintagel with the jocky G.Cheyne and Shadowing with M.Byleveld both these horses have the right pedigree to win.

Race 4 we have 5-way affair on course with Bellingham, Jephthah, Rock of Asia, Its Is What It Is and Prince Alfred all vying for the grand prize.

Race 6 my selected horses are Majic Mary, Rubyana as well as Talitha Bolearis ,  any of these horses should not be left out of any of your bets

Race 7 picks are Suite Francaise which is my best bet for the day

Race 8 finds the stunning Lucille who looks like a value bet on a competitive field

All in all, have a great punters day and make some money peeps.....

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